Coronavirus Effects

Coronavirus Effects

Isaac Wilkinson , Staff


Coronavirus is now passing 36.2 million cases, all happening in around 9 months of the pandemic. More than 212,000 deaths in the United States alone. Many places are wondering if herd immunity is the best answer to this continuously growing problem. Herd immunity is allowing lots of people to become infected by the virus/disease so the population can gain immunity to the sickness. India was one of the first countries to try herd immunity by not putting limits on social distancing, and mask wearing; India now has 6.84 million cases, with 106,000 deaths.

This pandemic has changed many standards throughout the world. Many countries are deciding the best plan to limit the amount of deaths from Covid. China for example strictly tightens their control on access into the country. This includes limiting mobility for their citizens throughout China. Also involving around 760 million Chinese residents that were restricted to their homes.

Coronavirus has the potential to greatly change the outcome of the next presidential election. The United States next election is dividing the American citizens. Many people are deciding if President Trump, who is not trying to limit the spread of Covid. Or Biden, who would be placing new safety protocols on Covid. Some of President Trump’s ideas for controlling the virus were to cut off travel to China; stimulus checks to support workers, and businesses, and create a system to deliver the vaccine when it’s finished to people who need it fast. Biden’s plan cuts cost for getting tested for the virus, emergency paid leave for all those affected, and establishing at least ten testing sites per state.

In the midst of this pandemic, people are still trying to rebuild some of the midwestern states after hurricane Laura. This hurricane amounted to around ten billion dollars in damage, 26 dead, and damage to half a million homes. The presidential candidates are beginning to take account of weathering damage. One solution by Biden is to start reinforcing homes to better adapt to these growing amounts of hurricanes. Trump’s plan is to advance better technology into tracking these hurricanes and evacuating everyone ahead of time. 

Coronavirus is deeply changing how the United States functions, Utah alone has around 1,000 new cases everyday. From changing the next presidential election, to exposing hundreds of thousands due to this last hurricane. States and countries need to place stricter mandates to lower the amount of deaths from the coronavirus.