Can The Ridgeline Girls Soccer Team Win State Again?


Nina Teters

Ridgeline High school’s girl soccer team loses their season’s winning streak Tuesday, September 21, after a game against Mountain Crest ending in a score of 0-3.

According to Addie Zollinger, a senior team captain, the main focus is not to get stressed over lost games and to improve from that point on. “It’s about being confident and taking the opportunities you have and being able to understand that people are human and to not get frustrated over the little things,” she says.

The Varsity team is ready to bounce back after a win against Green Canyon. Addie says, “It’s hard to come off a state championship win. It’s a lot of pressure and a lot of eyes on us but we have the potential to be as good as we were last year.” The team is ready to prove themselves October 5th for a rematch against their rival school, Mountain Crest.

After losing their first few games the 2020 season, the Ridgeline team was worried about winning region, with confidence they pushed through the season and won state. 

The seniors this year are working hard to make this the best soccer season Ridgeline has had. The team is working together to gain confidence in each other’s abilities and to improve their team bond. As a new tradition the team gathers in the locker room pregame to listen to motivational speeches and focus on the game. To improve their trust in everyone on the team, seniors have made sure to remove the ‘clicky’ atmosphere usually found in large team sports of varying ages. To accomplish this the team worked on more team activities outside of practice during summer training. They also worked on separating players into different groups for warm ups to ensure the opportunity to get to know all the players on the team.