Motivation Is Key For Real World Success

Motivation Is Key For Real World Success

Megan Greene

Keeping motivated, how is it done? How can we stay motivated? Motivation and dedication is key to anything we do in today’s world. Ask Mitchell green how he stays motivated.

I interviewed Mitchell Greene. Mitchell is 26 years old. He has graduated from USU from the Huntsman school of business. Mitchell says that he is motivated because he thinks getting things done are a floorplan for his future. Mitchell has set goals to reach within 5 years with his wife, and they have achieved them within 3 from working hard and having the motivation to reach his goals. 

Motivation is key to success. Chris S. Hulleman believes that students who are more motivated to learn persist longer produce higher quality effort, learn more deeply, and perform better in classes and on standardized tests. 

You can learn without being motivated, but being motivated will make you want to work harder and learn more. Students and Adults will put in more effort if they are motivated to do a good job.

Caitlyn Liechty, a student at Ridgeline high school, 17 years old and on the drill team, says that working hard for her means she can move on to more in her life like college and getting a good job.

How are we expected to do good without the motivation? If we aren’t working toward a goal then we are just drifting, never moving forward. Motivation is the key to success because it pushes you toward a greater path. “Without motivation in life, it’s hard to strive for success and achieve internal happiness.” (Joanna Zambos) 

Motivation helps build self confidence. When you are motivated and achieve your goals you genuinely build self confidence in yourself to show you that you are capable of reaching your goals. 

Motivation is key for real world success because it pushes you harder to achieve goals and focus on what you really want. Without setting goals and achieving them, we wouldn’t be furthering ourselves as people. Which leads me to another reason why motivation is key for real world success. 

Motivation can further us as people as we are more motivated and working hard, we can set goals and achieve them. This in turn makes us more successful and further’s us.

Caitlyn says what helps her feel calm when unmotivated is taking some time to herself, unplug herself from her phone and turn on some music to relax. 

One tip Mitchell has for students is to work as hard as you can so you don’t miss out on the opportunity’s you could have. He also says that you don’t want to go back and regret not working hard to see what you could have been or done. As Wayne Gretzky says it best “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

I would like you to challenge yourself to set a goal for yourself and work your hardest to accomplish it. How do you feel after? Do you feel happier about yourself in general? Give it a try. Motivation is the key to success and internal happiness.