Film Class: Take it


Natalie Heckathorn

Film: History, Technique and Analysis is a class taught by Brad Gibbons at Ridgeline High school. It is an interactive class where students can discuss and analyze different techniques used to tell a story or narrative in a film. In this class, you learn how to recognize similarities and differences between other films, as well as understanding what makes your favorite movies so entertaining.

You learn about setting, different camera angles and shots, lighting, plot and more. With these skills, you are able to create your own high quality films which are played for the class to critique. Brad’s classroom creates a laid back atmosphere where students are able to express themselves through their films and stories that they write. A senior, Drextin Kangas described the class as exciting and a “great place for friendships to form.” Another student, Jared Sutton believes the class was “the beginning of his love for filmmaking”. This class is recommended by many other students at Ridgeline, as it allows you to form an appreciation and understanding of movies or television shows.

As a student who has taken this class, I can definitely say it is an experience I will never forget, solely because of the hilarious memories made with all of the people there. Not only was I given the unique opportunity to create film, I was also able to learn how to better work with others and learn from them as well.