Tennis at State

Emma Hansen

Last weekend the Ridgelines Boys tennis team went down to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, to compete in the state competition. They all went in with a lot of confidence after winning the region title . Ayden Rupp, a senior at Ridgeline, took first in No.3 singles. The other boys rankings follow. At the end of the tournament day as the refs went to tally up the scores, it came to a three way tie. This left the boys at RHS furious. They had already beat Green Canyon in region play. Thatcher Ellis, a Junior playing No.2 singles said. “ They should have done a tiebreaker to create a real winner.”  This kind of an occurrence is very rare and is hated by many. 

Crimson Cliffs was another winner of the first palace trophy. They are the defending champions. The highlight of Saturday was the intense two hour match played between Ridgeline and Crimson Cliffs. The weekend was fulfilling and disappointing, and left the boys feeling frustrated. Coach Ryan Cheney said “ I couldn’t have been more proud of the way my boys played this weekend. I love watching them grow as players and can not wait to see what next year brings for our team.”