Nia Damuni the Volleyball All-Star

Nia Damuni the Volleyball All-Star

Austin Christensen

Ridgeline High School- Nia Damuni, a volleyball all star, commits to the D1 college of Gonzaga, known for their extraordinary talent and teamwork. She is a 17 year old from Providence Utah, and a multi-sport athlete.

“ I love it[volleyball] and I have been pushed to do my best in this sport,” says Nia. She has been playing volleyball since she can remember and has always been the best at what she does.  When asked about her biggest motivation she said “My biggest supporter is my Dad. He pushes me to be the best and supports me with whatever I need.”

She received her Gonzaga offer on Apr 22, 2022. Nia said  she is very excited and eager to commit and make her family proud. When asked about being away from her home town and family, she replied, “ I’ll definitely miss my friends and family, but I know that it’s the right thing to do… I have been working so hard for the past 3 years of my high school career, but I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without God, my family, teammates, and my amazing coaches and I hope I continue this journey with a positive attitude.”

The Damuni family has many members participating in collegiate sports. Nia’s three brothers, Jovesa, Junior, and Lavani, are all playing d1 college football for BYU, Idaho State, and Stanford, respectively. Her younger sister Lucy is a freshman here at Ridgeline High School and is also playing volleyball. Nia goes on to say “ I love my family and I have always looked up to my brothers as great examples in my life and I hope I am becoming the example Lucy needs”.

Nia is “not willing to give up” until the job is finished and is hoping to finish out her high school career with a second State Championship Ring signifying her hard work and potential.