Behind The Scenes of Homecoming Week

Behind The Scenes of Homecoming Week

Noah Kekauoha

Homecoming is a big deal here at Ridgeline, and when Andrew Findley was tasked with being in charge of it all, he did not take his job lightly.

“It’s been stressful” says Findley, “and also it’s been difficult to work with so many people and personalities.” His stress level has been at an 8 out 10 mainly because “I’m on the hook if anything goes wrong this week.” He doesn’t think that everything has gone too well but “nothing has been a train wreck which is all I’m shooting for.” He thinks that the assembly went pretty well and that it was entertaining as well.

When asked what his thoughts were on Garrett Jenkins injury during the assembly and he said “Yea that’s not an ideal situation for an assembly. It’s a good thing Garrett’s cool because if it was some snowflake who got hurt, the school and I could be in more trouble.”

Bad weather might change the location of the dance, but other than that, Findley has it all planned out. He says he received a lot of help throughout the duration of the week from friends and fellow student council members with picking out dress up days, activities, and many other things. When asked if he thinks that the students are having fun he said, “Meh. It’s not my problem to care about that anymore. Fun is a decision that they can make for themselves.”

Some other members of the student council had some pretty positive thoughts on Andrew Findley. “Andrew has put in a ton of work for homecoming week” says fellow student council member Ryan Johnson. “He’s been planning this since school started”. “Maybe too much work,” says Jace Geddes. “He’s definitely had to put in a lot of effort to make sure everything actually happens,” says Cam Everton. Although some of the work that has gone into every detail of homecoming week wasn’t seen, it definitely paid off in the end.

If Andrew would change anything it would be some of the dress up days and some of the afternoon activities. His advice to the next person with this job is, “Try to avoid this job at all costs. Also, don’t rely on other people as much because a lot of the time they leave ya hanging. Oh, and assign people parts of Homecoming that they’re passionate about, cause then there’s a higher chance of it actually getting done well.”

His expectations are low for the rest of the week. They are “To not die.” He also says that the administration hasn’t fired him yet, so he must be doing something right. His favorite part of homecoming week is it getting over and when asked him if he was having fun he said “no.”