New Hall Pass Rule has Students Unsure


Mady Dance

Recently the school enforced a new rule. If you want to leave class you have to have a hall pass or else you could get in trouble for being in the halls without one. Another major rule Ridgeline started to enforce was that if you get to class late or after the bell rings, the teachers cannot let you in unless you go down to the office and get a late slip. Ridgeline students were interviewed to see what their opinions were.

Preston Elsmore, a junior at Ridgeline High said, “I think the hall pass is a good idea because you have to always ask the teacher for permission. The late slips keep students from being tardy but going to get a slip makes them even later to class.” He went on to explain it has not really affected him a lot but he would probably get rid of the late slips because he has never seen anyone who is tardy actually use them.

Trinity Porter, a freshman said that she personally thinks that the late slips are “kinda dumb” and that the hall passes are okay “just if you need to go to the bathroom or go and grab something and do not have one it’s kind of annoying”.

There are split opinions on the new rule as students are trying to get used to the changes.