Girls Basketball: What it’s Really Like and How it Feels to be in the Game.

Girls Basketball: What its Really Like and How it Feels to be in the Game.

Destiny Whitcomb

The girls basketball team won their game against Grantsville last night with a score of 58 to 30. Ridgeline’s girls basketball team has done well this season, and some may be wondering what it is really like being on the team and in the game. “It’s a party and I like everyone” said Emma Fairin who is on the freshman team this year. She says “it’s fun” and everyone is nice; Emma has friends on the team so that adds to the fun and makes it easier to come to practice. When playing the game, she has a burst of adrenaline and doesn’t get tired. With the competitiveness of the sport, she does sometimes get mad at the players on the opposing team while playing. But despite the competitive and sometimes hard feelings during a game, she said that playing in the game is exciting. It gets her pumped up to be in the middle of the game in the midst of all the action. 

Emma joined the team roughly two months ago and was required to get a physical and to try out so that she could be on the basketball team. She has practice in the mornings because the older girls get to practice after school. It’s going to be tough on her to go to the next practice she says, because she hasn’t been able to go to practice in a week. Despite the early mornings, she is going to try her best and have fun, even if it’s hard work. 

At the age of 5, Emma began playing basketball, following in the footsteps of her older sister and has loved the sport ever since. It also doesn’t hurt that she is tall, she adds. Emma plans to practice really hard because she wants to try to get on the JV team. Overall, Emma loves playing basketball, and enjoys playing for Ridgeline’s girls basketball team.