RiverHawk Christmas Parking Passes


Jace Saunders

Many students at Ridgeline High School are upset about the availability of parking passes. The school has an annual tradition called RiverHawk Christmas, during which they raise money in several different ways to help less fortunate students that attend Ridgeline. One way that they fundraise is by selling parking passes to forty students that give them private access to the closest spots to the school during the winter.

Many students around the school are angry, claiming that the selling of the passes didn’t receive enough publicity, and they were robbed of the opportunity to buy one because they didn’t know that they were on sale until it was too late. Mark McConkie, a senior at Ridgeline, was interviewed about his opinion on the publicity of the passes, and he said there was no one “promoting them.” He was very upset that there was no talk about the passes going on sale on the morning that they did. McConkie also elaborated on how the parking situation at Ridgeline is a mess, and he wishes he would have known that the parking passes were going on sale because then he wouldn’t have to park on the other side of the parking lot all month.

Another question that McConkie was asked in his interview was how he thought Ridgeline might have better marketed the parking passes. He shared, “I think that Ridgeline executives could have done a better job at putting posters around the school or even put it on the Ridgeline High School Instagram before they went on sale.”

There are many other students, not just McConkie, that are angry about the parking passes being (as some say) “kept quiet” so that only a select group of students could get them before they ran out. Ashton Macfarlane, another student, agreed with Max, saying that executives did a terrible job in informing him and his peers about the passes.