The Return of Davis Low


Trent Godfrey

Since 2020, Ridgeline High School students have been wondering about the disappearance of their hometown rapper, Davis Low (also known by his street name, Young Money). 

2019 and 2020 were Davis’s best years. He was hot after dropping the “4 Love and Money” Saga, featuring “Truth Don’t Change” (a song about his experiences dealing with women), “Disco Wave” (which branches out into the disco rap genre), and his two most famous: “Wish It was Different” and “Appreciation.”

In 2020, he went quiet, and, following his success, people started wondering if he had quit the game. On January 6, 2023, he broke his silence with a plan that reads as follows: during 2023, Davis will release a new single track once a week until the year’s end. “I never took a break,” he says, “I just stopped publicly releasing my songs. I have hundreds of them on file.” 

Bowen Hauter is one of Davis’s closest friends and managers of his music. “I just listen to the music, give him my honest opinion, and help him to decide how to release it. We have been planning this for a while,” Bowen says.

While Davis uses his friends for help and inspiration, he claims that his dad has had the biggest influence on his music. Davis described him as the mastermind behind everything he has done. “He makes me post videos, keep the fans interested, and come up with the entire plan for the year. Without him I would never release anything,” admits Davis. 

One way Davis keeps his fans intrigued is through the use of social media; his account, DAVISLOWMUSIC, on Instagram, has music videos, behind-the-scenes takes, and even fun puzzles to solve. For example, one of his beats, “Better Than Kanye,” went missing from Apple Music and Spotify. It was the fans’ job to find out what happened to it. Jack Jensen said that this mystery was a lot of fun to solve and kept him coming back to Davis’s page.