Water Balloon Madness

Water Balloon Madness

Ali Baker

Charges might be pressed after Ridgeline High School students throw water balloons at Mountain Crest homecoming.


The students met in the Ridgeline parking lot with a plan. Water balloons locked and loaded, they drove to Mountain Crest. Before they left they met some students from various schools in the valley that were going stag to the dance. They told them their plan, and brought them along. 


The dance was outside. The students climbed the bleachers, thankful for the loud music or they may have been heard. There they chucked water balloons at the dancing students. When some MC football players spotted the attackers and started making their way up the bleachers. The RL students ran away in fear, only to be met by cops in the parking lot. 


A bystander that was going stag, Maggie Youngblood says, “ I did not lay a hand on a single water balloon but I watched and laughed as the mountain crest students got hit.” The students thought it was all fun and games at the moment, but did not take into consideration the reaction of the staff and students of MC. She also went on to explain that she should have put herself in the MC students shoes. “ I would be livid if they came to our dance and threw water balloons.” 


The students were called into the principal’s office early Monday morning. They were given an effective lecture from Mr. Snow and had to write a letter to the principal of Mountain Crest. If the letters are not acceptable and the principal doesn’t like them, she could potentially press charges. The students were very apologetic and assured Mr. Snow that nothing like this was going to happen again. We now worry about the repercussions of these students’ actions. Will the students at MC try to get us back and sabotage our dance? Only time will tell.