Fall Fishing 2022

Fall Fishing 2022

Austin Christensen

Ridgeline students begin the fall 2022 fishing season in local rivers and creeks.

Brody, an RHS Junior gave us some insight on some of his recent fishing spots. Brody said “My favorite place to fish around here is up Blacksmith Fork Canyon” Brody goes on to say “I’m more of a fly fisherman so I like to put on a wooly bugger, but if you’re not looking for fly fish bait I’d suggest putting on a Rapala or a simple night crawler”.

Taking some reports from the official Utah DWR. (Division of Wildlife Resources) website they, “encourage anglers to harvest their limit of brown trout.” The DWR claims that by following these rules it will allow the fish populations to grow even stronger. Fisherman Bowen Haueter, a senior at Ridgeline, says that he agrees with the DWR but wishes that he could take more than the limit because he “loves eating them so much”.

Colby Christensen, a Ridgeline alumnus of the 2020 class said, “I have been fishing around Cache Valley for almost 15 years and my favorite place to go fishing is along the Logan river” he goes on to say “I like to keep it simple when I am fishing the Logan River, the only bait I use is a worm and 1 sinker about two feet from the hook and no bubble.” Fishing reports also say that night-crawlers are a good for catching trout.

Local fisherman Garrett Christensen, says he enjoys night fishing. When asked about how he goes about night fishing he responded, “I only like to go night fishing in the little Bear River because that’s where all the massive catfish are.” As for bait, he said, “Well I usually try to go somewhere beforehand and catch a carp, after that I take it down to the river and cut it up into pieces and throw it on a hook.” He goes on to say that he loves night fishing and is very successful at it.