Life After Graduation


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Autumn Hogge

Many seniors may be wondering what life after graduation is like as their time in high school approaches an end. Ethan Hogge, a Ridgeline High School alumni from the class of 2021 shared his insight on the topic. Like many, he described his senior year at Ridgeline as “fun and enjoyable”, while also feeling ready to be done with school. He recalls looking forward to graduation in a somewhat bittersweet way. While it was hard to say goodbye to high school, he was also “…excited for the future, to get a new start and try new things.”

Making plans for after high school was somewhat daunting for Ethan, as he felt a lot of pressure since many students seemed to have theirs figured out. Most who didn’t have solid plans yet planned to go on a mission or get a job until they did. Ethan ultimately decided to get a job and is currently working at All About Teeth, a dental office. According to Ethan, any plans made after high school such as going to college or getting a job can change easily because life changes.

Life after graduation has been harder than expected for him, but also sometimes easier. He says that mostly you just get more responsibilities after you graduate. While plans and responsibilities can change following high school graduation, Ethan says “you live and learn” and grow and change.