Technology and Information… How it Affects Us Today


Aleena Wilcox, Writer

Part 2

One of the things that might have jostled us was the earthquake that happened on March 18. I had just woken up when I felt my bed move back and forth. I was really disoriented and then went to see if anyone else felt it too. We had all felt it. We went to watch the news to see what was going on. We later found out it was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Magna. Later that day, my sister got a text that said:

This did not help the situation. This is an example of fake news that people pass around either to make other people fear or because they really don’t know and so they send whatever information they have. Later that day she got this text:
This is just another example of how information and technology can change the way we think or feel about things. Remember to not always believe what you read or see because it may be untrue.