Music’s Effects On Ridgeline

Musics Effects On Ridgeline

Trent Godfrey

When walking through the halls at Ridgeline, you can’t go a day without seeing the influence of music. After speaking to Ridgeline students, it became apparent that they are all influenced by music.

Bowen Haueter, a senior said, “I use music before my games to get me pumped up.” Although this was a common answer from students, there were many other ways students use it. Others use it to “relax” as Mark McConkie told me. It can be used to calm down and to make you wired. It has been shown that music can also help you with your studies and schoolwork. Teachers at Ridgeline use music to influence students. Jake Pitcher, a teacher at Ridgeline who strongly believes in the use of music, said he plays music whenever his students are writing essays, doing personal work or testing. “It helps students to focus on what’s in front of them,” said Jake. It also helps boost creativity and productivity. Not every student uses music in completely productive ways though. While most of these reasons are beneficial, some people use music just to pass time, as Grady Workman said.

At Ridgeline people don’t just enjoy music they make and produce it as well. One of Ridgeline’s hidden talents is singer/producer Davis Low. He has released 2 studio albums called the Love and Money Saga, on all music platforms. For him, music shares a special place in his heart. By creating music, it helps him to take things off his mind and to express himself.

The most common benefit of music shared by students, it unites the Ridgeline student body as a whole. From the singing of the national anthem, or screaming lyrics at the top of their lungs in the student section of a football game, music unites the students of Ridgeline High.