Track Athletes are Preparing Early for Their Season


Lydia Bohm

Ridgeline High School’s Track athletes are getting an early start this winter on their track season, which starts in March. 

According to Madi Busch, a Senior track runner, many of these athletes have chosen to participate in before-school workouts that will help with  “preventing injuries through the season and perfecting form.” “We do a lot of different kinds of workouts. We do early morning workouts twice a week as a team and … we focus on strength training and injury prevention. We do a lot with both weights and bodyweight training,” she adds. On top of before-school workouts, Madi also runs 3-5 miles after school.

Ridgeline High School has brought in a professional athletic trainer, Ryan Rockhill, to help students reach their goals and stay in good shape for competing. Madi reports that he has been really amazing for the last two years that he’s been her trainer. “I’ve seen massive improvement in my performance since the beginning of my training with him,” she comments. 

The workouts are often focused on building strength and endurance. Speed and technique may come later in the season. Strength is very important because it reduces the risk of shin splints or pulling a muscle (both are very common running injuries). Madi says these workouts are “almost like a head start” on the track season. 

On top of working on their physical health and stamina, athletes use these early morning exercise routines as a chance to bond, make friends, and create team spirit. Katrina Parker, the head coach for Ridgeline’s track team, loves helping students find success in their track events. Ridgeline has regularly held top-ranking spots in the state for 4A Track. Last year, the girls 4×800 team took second in state. Coach Parker says, “Our team really puts in the work, time, and energy- and it shows.” 

Hard work truly pays off, and Ridgeline is excited to see how their Track athletes perform this upcoming spring.