Ridgeline VS Mountain Crest



As the students of Ridgeline High School know, their Boys Basketball team was on a roll this last season. On February 15th, Ridgeline took on their long-time rivalry, Mountain Crest High School. 

The game was played on the Riverhawks’ home court; it was the second game of Ridgeline’s two-game series against Mountain Crest High School. The game started off strong with Ridgeline quickly taking the lead. 

Halfway through the first quarter, the game really started to take off. Luke Sorenson, a senior on the Ridgeline Boys Basketball team, made an electric put-back dunk in the middle of the second quarter. The leading scorer for Ridgeline, Kreyton Jenks, went off for 19 points, with 15 of those coming from 3-pointers. 

The final score of the game was 63-42 in Ridgeline’s favor. 

After the game, Raegan Snapp, a Ridgeline senior, explained that Mountain Crest games are always everyone’s favorite and that she looks forward to them in every sport. Snapp said, “If you have a beef with the other team, it’s always way more fun.” The gym was definitely able to feel the tension and rivalry between the two schools. 

Zola Cook, another one of Ridgeline’s seniors, said that, even though the gym was loud and felt very competitive, she didn’t feel like the energy of the game was as exciting as it usually is at Ridgeline vs. Mountain Crest games. “I think it could have definitely been more hype. But even so, it was still fun,” she admitted.

The Ridgeline Student Section has many traditions, especially when it comes to ultimate rivalry games between Ridgeline and Mountain Crest. Ridgeline opened up the game with each student holding up a newspaper in front of their faces while Mountain Crest’s starting lineup was being announced. 

Ridgeline headed into the state tournament that upcoming weekend, and the team used the momentum they gained to continue their season.