Ridgeline High Schools Marching Band


Hannah Nydegger

Each year in May, students from various schools come together to join the Ridgeline Highschool Marching Band. When it comes to Marching Band, there is usually more to it that meets the eye.

The field show this year is titled Persistent Variability which consists of three movements. Throughout the show the students navigate around the field in various formations while expressing themselves through the music. This year, the band is trying to communicate how life can be troubling, but when we learn to confront it, we can be victorious. The two drum majors for the year explain how the show is put together.

As soon as the previous season ends for the band, the student leaders and staff begin preparation for the next season almost immediately. One of the students who was involved in the planning process, Kalvin Munk, has loved music since he was a little kid. Joining the marching band was the “best decision he ever made in his life”.

Kalvin, being one of the drum majors this year, has been very involved in the planning process. The first thing they do is look back at previous years and see what they can learn from and apply to the next season. The student leaders then come together and brainstorm ideas and vote on which they believe is best.

The next step to getting the show on the field is teaching the students how to march. The students spend countless hours throughout the summer doing drills hundreds of times. Ryan Nisbet, the other drum major for the year, explains that the students need to develop “musical and marching skills, a sense of time, and spatial awareness,” in order to be a successful member of the band.

At the end of the summer the students begin setting the drill for the field show. The students continue to add to and improve the show in between competitions throughout the season. The students and staff will come up with choreography to help communicate emotion to the audience.

Kalvin and Ryan both expressed how fun it is to see the band progress throughout the season. They both love being part of the team and encourage anyone to join. To conclude the interview Ryan said that being part of the band is “Pretty awesome. You always have people you know will accept you no matter who you are”.