Haunted Halls Recap

Haunted Halls Recap

Lacey Nydegger

On Tuesday, October 26th the Ridgeline Marching Band put on the Haunted Halls that rapped around the art and music hallways. The haunted house featured different sections such as zombies, dolls, and more.


One participant, Elizabeth Rasmuson, a 17 year old senior, went with her best friend Grace Kent. She said that “Everyone did a great job with costumes and everything”. Elizabeth did get scared, mainly by jump scares, and her best friend Grace, can attest to that. Grace said, “Liz was super scared and pushing me around the whole time and screaming in my ear”.


From what Grace Kent can remember, when participants walked in the lights were out and they were weaved around the art and music section of the school. Participants went through may different sections such as zombies, creepy dolls, murder mystery, and more.


Both Grace and Elizabeth say that given the opportunity, they would definitely go again. Next year, another RHS school sport/organization will be in charge of the Haunted Riverwalk for the 2022 Halloween season. Even though the next one is a year away, given the opportunity, it is definitely worth going.