Are pep assemblies worth it?


Eva Sliesoraitis

At many high schools around the country, pep assemblies are a way for teachers to spread information and get students excited about upcoming events around the district. Though some claim that pep assemblies are a good way for students to connect with their school, others may disagree, claiming that it may take too much time out of the school day.

During an interview with Ellie Carlston, historian from the Ridgeline High School student council said, “There’s quite a bit of effort that goes into the assemblies. They have to be planned out and practice everything before it even happens. I think the pep assemblies are worth it honestly.” She mentioned that she didn’t realize how much work had to be put into making an assembly run smoothly, “but when it does, it is completely worth it.”

When asked if she believed some students would argue against having assemblies she said, “I think many people would argue that pep assemblies aren’t worth it because not everyone attends the assembly, but I believe there is a good enough turn out that it’s worth putting the effort in”.

The Art teacher from Ridgeline, Mrs Jaycie Self from Wellsville, agreed with Ellie. She said that in society it’s important to have a sense of community with the people around you, especially in this day and age where many of us struggle with the feeling of being alone.

Though not everyone interviewed agreed with pep assemblies taking time out of the day. Another perspective was a Ridgeline sophomore named Venessa Thiele from Nibley. When asked why she believed pep assemblys weren’t worth the effort she responded, “Because I have to worry about homework and grades, which I believe is much more worth my time rather than going to assembly’s about sports and events that will only affect a small number of people.”