Riverhawk Awards Riverwalk

Kaylee Jo Stocks

On Tuesday, May 17th Ridgeline had its second annual awards riverwalk during flex. This activity was created after covid to replace a traditional awards assembly. The riverwalk across the street from the school was decorated with white, green, and blue balloons. At the end of the riverwalk, Ridgeline’s counselors clapped and cheered for everyone. Encouraging signs were placed along the edge of the sidewalk and fun music played in the background as seniors celebrated their academic awards and scholarships. The seniors who went were also able to get their picture taken with friends, received a folder showcasing all of their awards, and got to eat Aggie ice cream. 

All seniors really enjoyed the awards riverwalk and had a great time. Ty Zollinger said, “It was fun and really neat to see everyone in the class.” This year’s senior class is really big and it’s rare that we all get to be together like that. Kayli Shiers, another senior, said, “I liked that it was outside, sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air.” 

Bridget Crane, one of Ridgeline’s counselors, made this awards ceremony for students and spent a lot of time making sure it was a success. She says, “It’s really just a celebration. We want seniors to feel supported and recognized for their accomplishments.” When asked if Ridgeline was planning on continuing this tradition in the future she joked, “As long as the weather is good!”