Nina Teters

Ridgeline students are preparing for one of the funnest traditions at the school. The film club has been working hard to plan this year’s Moonshiver in hopes of making it the best one yet. Moonshiver allows students to express their creative thoughts through film and share it with everyone at school. Mr. Gibbons says, “I started a film club because I like movies and because I wanted to create an extracurricular activity that didn’t revolve around sports.”

Moonshiver is being held May 13th in the school auditorium. All students are able to submit films until May 9th. After all films are submitted the film club will choose the top films to show at the event. Awards will be presented to different films and actors under multiple categories such as best picture, best actress etc. More information can be found in Mr. Gibbons room.

Along with being able to support classmates in their films, students can also get involved by dressing according to the theme, taking pictures with their friends on the red carpet, going to the dance, and eating at the food trucks.

The theme for this year is Camp. The theme Camp allows students to be creative with their outfits. Inspired by a previous Met Gala theme, Camp can be described as over the top extravagant outfits. The film club had a meeting discussing their wardrobe expectations for the event. In a slide show, film club member Jenna Ball gave examples of what is considered Camp and what isn’t. Jenna Ball said, “you have to wear something unexpected.” Consistently, Camp was likely tacky and bold. Some examples were Lady Gaga’s meat dress, a chandelier dress and colorful animal print suits. When asked Macy Lund said, “camp is over the top! We chose this theme because it’s so silly and fun.”