Mrs. Odd’s Impact


Kaylee Jo Stocks

Ridgeline’s library is one of the biggest centers of activity at our school. It’s a safe space for all students to go and hang out, work on homework, or eat lunch. As Ridgeline’s librarian, Mrs. Odd has directly influenced the lives of everyone who walks in her library, whether that’s as a student or as a member of the faculty. Every student who utilizes this resource has a great experience. Celeste Little, one of the library aides this year, says, “I loved putting all of the books away. Mrs. Odd is really fun to be around.”

The library has always been one of the best and most important parts of our school. Different classes are always going in to use the space and learn new things. Students also use the library to film different projects for classes. Throughout the years we’ve had three different reading competitions against other schools, and Ridgeline has won two of them. During Halloween there was a scavenger hunt, and it was super fun for everyone involved. Mrs. Odd is always doing what she can to make the library and everyone who uses it feel more comfortable. Soft music often plays in the background, there’s a room where students can eat lunch with friends, and new books/ideas are always being added to the library so every student can find what appeals to them. 

Our library and everything in it wouldn’t be possible without Mrs. Odd. She truly loves her job, describing it as “perfect.” She’s always doing what she can for students who come in, including helping them find the right book. Her favorite part of her job is when kids come back happy afterwards. Being able to do whatever she wants every day is also a huge plus. If someone comes in asking for help she’s able to drop whatever she’s doing to help them. She says, “The best thing I do as a librarian is the Next Thing I Should Read Service.” Mrs. Odd created this service as a way to give students the best, most personalized book recommendations based on their specific interests. 

Our school would be entirely different without the library, and especially without Mrs. Odd.