Cutler Miles

Ridgeline boys soccer had a great run this year, Ridgeline beat most of the rivalries in the valley and also most teams in Utah that are 4A. They went 14 and 4. One of those losses being in the state championship. The state championship was held in Salt lake at the Rio Tinto Stadium, the game started at 11 am, many students left school to go to this game and so did a lot of the faculty.

Daniel Benitez, a Ridgeline senior who went to the game said, “It was so fun, everyone was excited and happy to be there, it’s too bad the game ended in a loss.” They played against the Crimson Cliffs from St. George, The game was a very tough match. Ridgeline kept the ball in their possession most of the game taking many shots on goal, but they could not find a way past the Crimson Cliffs goalie. He was a very good goalie, but so was ours.

The first part of the game wasn’t as active as the second half. Many shots were taken on goal by Grady Workman and Bowen Haueter. Grady hit a header barely missing the goal, it was so close in fact the announcer said “RIDGELINE GOAL.” But was mistaken as it went to the top corner on the outside of the net. Grady Workman said, “ that was a beautiful shot and I’m very mad that I missed, but it was still cool to have that close shot on net in the state championship.”  The second half game came to an end and went into overtime. In overtime, Ridgeline still held the ball in their possession most of overtime, then the ball got kicked all the way down into the Ridgeline’s side. That is when Crimson Cliffs scored a very lucky shot ending the game 1 to 0.