New York Times for Ridgeline

New York Times for Ridgeline

Ryder Bishop

Mr. Stockett, a Ridgeline High School English teacher, purchased the New York Times subscription during the first week of school of the 2022/2023 school year. This subscription includes many different resources for the entire school to use, which was one of the main reasons why he purchased it. After some convincing and getting the approval from the administration, Stockett said that he used the money from the profits of past yearbooks to buy the subscription. The subscription cost “around 1,600 dollars”, and he said that it was definitely worth it. This subscription will not only help Stockett’s yearbook class, but it will also help him teach his English 1010 class and his English 11 literature and writing classes.

“There are unlimited examples for students, and they have writing contests that I’m thinking of having my writing students do. They also have lesson plans that I might use”.

Outside of Stockett’s class, other teachers and students can also use this subscription. Some examples that Stockett gave were in the departments of Math, Science, and definitely English. However, students won’t be able to use these resources while at home and will have to use their resources at school during class or flex.

Since the administration has cracked down on flex this year, this would allow for students to use these resources from the subscription.

Most students at Ridgeline don’t know about the New York Times subscription yet. Will Sagers, a Ridgeline High School senior, said that he didn’t know about the subscription and that he has not used the subscription yet. If word gets out about the subscription, it will help students and teachers learn and grow.