Is the Cell Phone Policy Really Beneficial?


Mady Dance

“Take away their cell phones!”, says the administration. There are many different opinions on the cell phone policy at Ridgeline High School. Some people think it is a good thing, while others disagree. I interviewed a couple students to see what their opinion was on this topic.

 Callie Condie, a sophomore at Ridgeline High School said that she has to put her phone away in four out of her five classes, or 80% of her day. When asked about how often she actually put her phone in the pocket she responded,  “I always put it in the pouch but I disagree with the phone policy”.

Lacey Nydeggar, a junior at Ridgeline, had a lot to say about this topic. When asked, she said that students should be able to control their phones themselves. Lacey then went on to say, “but if it gets out of hand teachers can step in.” Students are old enough to manage their phone, manage when they can be on their phone and manage when they should not be on it. They are old enough to know when it is disrespectful.

Lacey went on to say, “Most of our teachers did not grow up with phones and technology like we did. I think they are just trying to learn how to manage the phone problem in the best way possible.”

Bodi Dance, a freshman at Ridgeline, is new to the whole phone policy. When asked if he thinks the phone policy is really beneficial for the students or the teachers, he said they should give us a chance to manage our own phones and show how we as students can be respectful with our phones. If it becomes a big enough problem then he thinks they should bring in the phone pockets and limit the use of our phones.