A Student in Yearbook

A Student in Yearbook

Noah Kekauoha

Ethan Zollinger, a student, Ridgeline High School, participates in multiple school activities and classes, but his favorite is the Yearbook class.

Ethan says he has one hobby: Having fun. He says that he has the most fun in the Yearbook class. “Stockdawg”, Mr. Stockett, is the teacher and he says that he is “super rad”. Stockett keeps the class fun and interesting. He says that Yearbook is his favorite class.

Ethan says that the class is relatively easy, but the the workload is pretty heavy and consists of writing assignments and taking pictures at school events.

“My favorite part of yearbook is taking pictures,” Ethan says, and would “totally recommend this class to a friend.” He thinks that the yearbook turns out “pretty good” every year but he says that from an editor standpoint, there is a lot of mistakes that need to be fixed.

“The fonts all need to be the same, the colors need to match” and so much more needs to be done for the yearbook to turn out.” states Zollinger. But the hard work pays off in the end.

Mr. Stockett also loves yearbook. He thinks that his yearbook students work hard and turn in good content to make the yearbook the best.

His favorite part about yearbook is “the creativity that each student brings.” “There’s a lot of freedom with yearbook” Stockett says, “and each student brings their own special something to make the yearbook great.”

Everybody at Ridgeline loves the way that the yearbook turns out every year but not many get to see the hard work that’s put into it from day one.