Why should you take Western Civilizations/ USU 1320?


Eva Sliesoraitis

Western civilizations/ USU 1320 is one of the many college credit classes taught at Ridgeline High School. The class teaches how the history of art tells the story of the people that lived long before us and how people attempted to make sense of the world around them. The class helps you understand how ancient world people thought and acted during the uncertain time they lived in.

The western Civilization class is taught at the same time as the humanities class. It is given the same work, the same lectures, and the same teachings as Humanities with the only difference being that by signing up for western civilizations, you get college credit for Utah State University and humanities doesn’t.

One of the students that goes to Ridgeline, Leslie Ray Nielsen, took the class when she was a senior at Ridgeline. She is now graduated and has been telling other students still in school to take Western civilizations. Ray said, “I enjoyed everything about the class. I really like art and history and that class is both of those combined”. She said that her favorite part about the class was learning about Greece, “Classical Greece is one that many people confuse with Ancient Greece, but the main difference between the two would be the marble statues and the obvious advancements in art style when it comes to the human form.”

During an interview with the teacher of the class, Mr. Stuart Bradly Gibbons mentioned that humanities and Western Civilizations were his favorite classes to teach. “I was taught art history when I was in high school and loved it. I believe that it is important to learn in school because it shows skills, craftsmanship, and culture from long ago that has stood up against the test of time”.