Commercial Photo

Commercial Photo

Trent Godfrey

Commercial photo is one of Ridgeline’s best classes, according to Griffon Kyler and Mrs. Torrey. This class gives students opportunities to learn and practice with cameras. Mrs. Torrey, photography teacher, is always purchasing new equipment for the class. Commercial photo has cameras ranging in price from three hundred to seven thousand dollars. There is a camera for every skill level. When talking to Griffon Simmons, who is in the photography class, he said, “It’s cool that I can rent these expensive cameras, I can’t afford seven thousand dollars, but by renting it I can get the quality photos without spending so much money”.

Mrs. Torrey says she decided to teach this class because, “My passion when going to school was teaching and photography, by teaching this class I get to be a part of both of my dreams!”.

The class does not only offer cameras and lessons on photography, but drones as well. The class has over 6 drones available for rent ranging from seven hundred dollars to four thousand. Mrs. Torrey said, “The drones give kids, that can’t afford them, an option to rent them and make some money. If the kids get a license, they can use these to earn money in many ways!”.

Kyler, a student at Ridgeline, was particularly excited about these drones. He told me that there is a drone called the DJI FPV that you wear goggles and look through the drone’s point of view. He went on to say that he hasn’t been this excited about a class in years!