RHS Girls Basketball has an Exciting Season Ahead

RHS Girls Basketball has an Exciting Season Ahead

Eliza Arledge

With a winning streak of eight games with no losses, Ridgeline High School’s Girls Basketball team is looking to have a very successful season. After taking a closer look into what makes this team special, some very intriguing insights were discovered. They are almost halfway through the season with the anticipation of region games coming up in January. Noting the team’s many wins, several people are interested in how the team celebrates behind the scenes when there are no fans around. Mikell Parry, a senior on the team, said that the whole team cheers at the end of the locker room. Parry said that it creates “great energy” and they look forward to it at the end of each victory.

After being asked to rate the season on a scale from one to ten, Anne Wallace, a sophomore on the team, said, “I would rate the season a 10 out of 10 because we haven’t lost yet and it has just been really fun”. The Ridgeline Girls Basketball team is a fairly young team but when asked if that causes any division or difficulty in team leadership Parry simply explained that there haven’t been any issues and that they just play as one team.

An average day for these athletes is a practice that starts at the beginning of fifth period and lasts for about two hours, with the exception of days that they either have games or weights with Ryan Rockhill. The whole team seems to enjoy lifting with Rockhill and can notice a difference in their performance from doing so. “Shoutout to RyRock,” said Mikell Parry during the interview.

With a better view into the Ridgeline Girls Basketball team, it is fair to say that they have created a special environment and culture for their team. Each girl feels like they have a place and role in the program. This is only the beginning of their 2022-2023 season and it will be exciting to see what they accomplish.