Boys’ Wrestling Reaching New Heights


Mark McConkie

Boys’ wrestling took their team to new heights as they started the season claiming wins against rival schools. 

Earlier this month, the first exhibition match was a huge success, according to multiple fans who attended the meet in a combination of stress and excitement. Jack Jensen said that he “couldn’t wait to see his friends wrestle for the first time since making the team.” The string of matches went on without a hitch. Multiple attendees were happy to explain how they did not have to wait too long to see their friends or family participate. “I think the whole thing lasted about an hour,” commented Margo Miller.

The boys’ wrestling team at Ridgeline High School has been in high gear since the season started, most of the athletes claiming that they feel they can find themselves getting into the rhythm of things as their skills improve. In an interview, Bowen Hauter explains his circumstance, saying, “[When] I started the first exhibition match with a loss, I felt nervous and stressed. I now have multiple wins.” 

Boys wrestling has always been a tough sport to be in shape for. One must be flexible, strong, balanced, and have a little bit of fire in their heart if they want to take down an opponent. Luckily, Coach Merrill has been conditioning the boys’ wrestling team into tireless, fearless contenders. The training is grueling, “hard work,” says Jordan Coldwell. The time they spend in preparation is not just for talking. Will Ripstein explains that he gives “his all” in wrestling for his friends and family, his coach, and for himself.

The boys’ wrestling team is prepared and ready for some action, and their admirers are ready to watch. Even with the blockbuster boys’ basketball team’s season taking most of the school’s attention, the wrestling team is ready to put on a show!