Spring Sports


Easton Geiger

When spring sports were just around the corner for High School students, Ridgeline was putting the work in. 

Ridgeline athletes that play spring sports have been preparing for the season for almost the last 3 months. Many athletes have been waking up early and some staying up late to be as ready as possible for their sport. 

Miguel Gomez, a freshman at the school and part of the soccer team, stated, “We had 4:45 a.m. practices at RSL for about 3 weeks.” He went on to say that conditioning for the soccer team has started as well at 6 a.m. and weights take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Soccer was not the only sport doing this. Ridgeline’s softball team has had full weeks of practices, conditioning, and weights. Lexi Bradford, a junior on the team said, “we practice everyday of the week.”  The Softball team plays together all year long as a club team, and is anticipating a huge spring season with a lot of potential to win a state title for the 2nd year in a row. 

The baseball team at Ridgeline is also anticipating a great year, as they have two of the top pitchers in the state and some great seniors to lead. Easton Dahlke, a senior and the catcher for the team, talked about how they’ve worked out 3-4 times a week, often having weights and practice on the same day, similar to the other sports. These athletes have been putting in the work in the weightroom and on the field. 

Ryan Rockhill, the strength and conditioning coach at Ridgeline, says he is “proud of the athletes that are putting in the work.” Ridgeline is looking to have a huge spring season in all the sports this year with many of the athletes hoping to win a state title.