First Good Snow Year Since 2011



Jace Saunders

Ridgeline High School students are being affected in many different ways by the ample amounts of snow that has been falling in Cache Valley this winter. 

The last few months have brought some of the best snowfall of the decade. Many meteorologists are hoping that the storms keep coming throughout the rest of the winter so that Utah can keep getting much-needed water that might lessen the effects of ongoing summer droughts. However, many students aren’t as thrilled about the weather.

Will Holland, a student at Ridgeline, complained, “I am late to school everytime it snows because I have to shovel my driveway before I leave my house in the mornings.” Will, along with several other students at Ridgeline, have been marked tardy significantly more this trimester than others because they have to clear the snow out of their driveways or scrape their cars before they leave for school in the mornings. 

Will also mentioned that it takes him much longer to get to school because of all the snow on the roads. He has to drive slower than he normally does because the road conditions are sometimes dangerous, and he has to sacrifice punctuality for safety.

Hallie Balsteadt, another student, said that she has never seen the roads “so bad” and that she has “never had so many close calls while driving to school.” Hallie and Will are not the only students who have been having a hard time getting to school in the mornings. A few of their peers have been getting into car accidents on their way to school because of the slippery roads. 

Though students are having a harder time getting to school with all of the snow, most of them are happy to have to drive in bad conditions and shovel their driveways because they like to go skiing and snowboarding. With the weather, many students are taking full advantage of all the fresh powder and are even skipping school to go up skiing.