Battle of the Bands


Ryder Bishop

The annual Utah PTSA Battle of The Bands will take place on Saturday, February 11, 2023. It is a multi-school event that will be held at Logan High School at 6 P.M. The top three bands of the multi-school competition will have a shot at competing in the statewide Battle of The Bands competition.

According to the rulebook found on their website, all band types are eligible to compete. Each band must provide their own instruments and play two different songs. “One will be an original song and one will be a cover of a song from 1960 to present”. The lyrics of the songs must be clean. Each band is granted ten minutes, which includes the time it takes to complete the “performance, and [get] off the stage.” If the band goes over the time limit, points will be deducted. If foul language is used, points could also be deducted, or bands could even face disqualification from the competition.

Students performing must have 9th through 12th graders making up 70% of their bands. Band members can’t be younger than a “9th grader or older than 20 years old.” The band members can come from different schools in the valley.

Sam Altom, a Junior at Ridgeline, is planning on competing in Battle of The Bands with his band, House of A Stranger. Sam’s band has 4 members: two guitarists, one bassist, and one drummer. After asking him how often he plays with his band, he said, “About once or twice a week”. Sam further explained that he also practices for an hour or two every day. He said that, for the cover song, his band is thinking of playing the song “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. They have been working on their original song for the past few weeks. After Sam was asked if he thinks that his band is going to win, he said, “I’m not sure, but I think that we will have a decent shot at it!”