High School student athletes, what are they doing after graduating?

AnaChelise Hart

What are student athletes doing after graduating and what do they have to say to the rookies and incoming freshmen? After playing these sports throughout high school students are planning on doing a wide variety of different things after graduation and through college.

Brynlee Brown (17-year-old senior) states “Maybe I’ll run for track but not cross country.” When asked what she’ll do instead she said “I’ll still run because I like it, but I don’t have my life planned out that far.” On the other hand, Alynn Crawford (16-year-old junior) when asked what she’ll do instead of continuing to play lacrosse said she would love to explore her interests in marine life and work to become a marine biologist in the future.

In addition, Peter Jeppesen (16-year-old junior) says that he will continue to lift weights while he majors in mechanical engineering. He says that his grandfather was an engineer and he really looks up to him, that his grandfather is an inspiration. He also says that mechanical engineering seems like the funnest type of engineer. 

When asked what they would like to tell the rookies and incoming freshmen, Brown said to have fun, not to be too invested in perfecting your stride and to try different strategies. She also said that it is never too late to run cross country, even if you’re a senior. Likewise, Crawford stated “Don’t be too cocky, the coach and the rest of the players won’t respect you if you think you are better than everyone else on the team. Also, be willing to listen, if you’re not willing to be teachable you are not going to improve too much. The coach knows what they are doing.”

Jeppesen says “Don’t be afraid to do hard things, be willing to work hard. If you don’t work hard you’re not going to be the one to win matches or go to state. Don’t be that person that just messes around all the time and leaves practice to ‘use the restroom’ if you don’t fully immerse yourself you’re not going to go anywhere in any sport not just wrestling. Also, good luck.” 

When asked what their favorite thing about being part of a team sport is, they can all agree that one thing is cheering for each other and supporting one another. There’s always someone there, being a friend to lean on and making new friends that understand what you are going through is one of the best things about team sports. Crawford says “They’re a built-in family, I can depend on them and they support me even when I’m not doing my best.” She says that even though they are not always your favorite or you are not theirs they will always be there for you and you can rely on them anytime.