Hudson Skinner

February 14th was a very touching day for some of the students at Ridgeline High School. As a result, public displays of affection were at an all-time high – making many other students uncomfortable.

PDA is usually something one can find at Ridgeline once or twice a day almost every other day of the year. The few students who are extra open about their relationships in the halls or outside can be seen at the same spots throughout the school week. 

Many of the teachers at Ridgeline and other students at the high school feel awkward when roaming the halls and witnessing these actions first hand. Photography instructor, Tiffany Torrey, claims that she experiences these things at least once every day. She goes on to say that “kids having PDA in the halls is very inappropriate.” In an interview, Torrey mentioned that the discomfort that these actions bring into her classroom annoys her, and she wishes that it would be kept out of school and especially out of the hallways between classes. 

Other students at Ridgeline have been asked their thoughts on PDA at school, and they said that they know many of their friends and other peers that do not enjoy the sight of other students in the hallways “getting physical” with their significant others. Many confess that the image of PDA in the hallway disgusts them, and that they would never even think about doing anything physical in public with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Others go so far as to mock the students in the halls by making snide remarks, such as, “Get a room.” These comments are said to try and get peers to laugh, but can also make the victims of the words feel ashamed or targeted. However, most students seem to be unaffected by these comments. They continue to show inappropriate PDA in the hallways.