Math Class Selection

Allie Williams

In the season of preparing to select classes for their Senior year, many Juniors are debating what math classes to take at Ridgeline. Many are wanting to take college-level math classes for the opportunity to take it for cheaper and the ability to get it out of the way before attending university. But what classes should they take? The two most popular concurrent college classes are Math 1050 and Stats 1040. 

Math 1050

Math 1050 is a college class that requires one to have at least a 25 on their ACT (or pass an ALEX entrance exam to be able to take the class). In order to pass the class, students are required to get a 90% on all of the six tests, otherwise, the highest grade one can receive in the class is a D. This scares a lot of students away from registering for the class, but, according to Jaycie (a previous student from Ridgeline), the course was a lifesaver. “I am so glad I took this class in highschool, it made my math workload a lot easier in college,” she says. 

Stats 1040

The other class that many students look into taking is Stats 1040. Addy Hess has been taking this class this trimester, and she said, “It’s a hard class but I’m glad to be getting it out of the way in highschool instead of having to take it in college”. Even though she’s been struggling with the class, she has been working hard and will earn the college credit by the end of the trimester. This class does not have quite as many strict requirements for registration, but it is still a hard class to take. 

Both Addy and Jaycie agree if you are willing to put in the work, the classes are definitely worth taking, and should be considered while choosing classes for next year.